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10/??/01- A couple sections have been added to the 9/11 Tribute page. 9/11 Quotes and Why do they hate us?

11/13/01- Story of the USS Winston Churchill added.

1/05/02- 13 new poems added. 6 added to the Main Poems Page, 1 to the Cat Poems, 1 to the Patriotic Poems, and 5 to the Moms & Dads Poems

01/28/02- New Layout! Whatcha think?

07/09/02- Queen Song Lyrics added.

07/10/02- More Lyrics added! From... AC/DC, ABBA, .38 Special, The Bangles,
Chicago, Duran Duran, The Go Gos, and Neil Diamond!

07/11/02- Quotes Page updated! Added more War & Peace Quotes and Marriage Quotes.

07/15/02- 28 Poems added! 8 added to the Mom's & Dad's section, 3 added to the Patriotic Poems section, and 17 added to the Main Poems Section including 8 inspirational, 3 love, 2 beautiful america, 1 memorial, 1 people, 1 famous, and 1 miscellaneous.

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